Our new equipment will stop you in your tracks


Our new equipment will stop you in your tracks

Possibly the most important thing for any driver is the assurance that when you apply the brakes the vehicle will come to a safe and effecient stop.

Two of the most important components involved in this process are your brakes and your tyres. Motive Mechanical has two new pieces of equipment to help us keep your brakes and tyres up to the task.

New Auto Pro-Up Brake Lathe  

Brake Service in MolendinarOur expert team of technicians can check out your brakes and warn you if they feel that repairs or servicing of the vehicle's brakes are to be considered to stop it becoming a costly issue.

With our new Auto Pro-Up Brake Lathe we can perform Brake Disc/Rotor And Drum Resurfacing or Machining to ensure your brakes are in good condition to stop you when you need to.

Other brake services we provide at Motive Mechanical can be found on our Brake Service Page  

New Baseline 800 Tyre Fitting Machine 

Tyre Fitting Service Molendinar

The braking system cannot perform 
to its maximum capability where tyres are worn or are unsuitable for your car or type of driving you undertake.

Motive Mechanical are the professionals in Molendinar when it comes to the fitting, repair and maintenance of tyres for a range of vehicle types.

With our new Baseline 800 Tyre Fitting Machine we can quickly and accurately fit new tyres to your vehicle.

You should have your tyres checked by a professional on a regular basis to ensure the safety, comfort and reliability of your vehicle in addition to the life span of your tyres.

Motive Mechanical are experts at inspecting and maintaining tyres and related components and can give you good advice on purchasing the correct tyres for your car. 

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